100 oz. Silver Bars

In recent years, the price of silver has risen, outperforming other precious metals and investment options. 100 oz. Silver Bars represent a convenient and cost effective way to make an investment in silver.

Silver Bars

Silver has been called "poor man's gold" due to the historically lower cost per ounce. This has allowed smaller investment levels for silver bullion, which may contribute to broader demand. In recent years the disparity between gold and silver prices as measured by the gold-silver ratio has been declining.

Historically, silver bars carry very low premiums above the spot price of silver. As such, you can buy a greater volume of silver for your money as compared to bullion coins or rounds. Silver bars are also relatively standard size, making storage easier. Many investors prefer silver bars for these reasons.

In general, 100 oz silver bars contain silver with a purity of .999 or finer. Each bar is marked with the miner or manufacturer and an indication of the weight and purity. Many bars also carry unique serial numbers for identification.

Other commonly encountered silver bar weights include 1 ounce and 10 ounce bars. Bulk investors may also purchase 1,000 ounce bars. Some bars may also be weighed in grams or milligrams.

This site provides a selection of 100 oz. Silver Bars for sale from manufacturers such as Engelhard, Johnson-Matthey, Silver Towne, Sunshine Mining, A-Mark, and others. You can also find a selection of 10 oz Silver Bars to accomodate different investment sizes.